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How do I stay informed about the latest news from Citymesh?

The best way to do this is to follow us on Facebook via Like our page there and you will be automatically informed about the latest developments.

If all the above possibilities are not enough, you can always contact one of our Premium Partners. This is the computer shop Quest Blankenberge. The employees there can test your device or LocoMAX in case of problems and give you the necessary explanation.

Will the coverage area be further extended?

Citymesh is constantly expanding. Are you looking for a WiFi solution for your domain? Contact [email protected]

Can I connect smart devices to the Citymesh WiFi network?

In theory this is possible but you have to take into account certain limitations. If the connection is disconnected somehow, you will have to be back on the spot to log in to your private WiFi network. After all, it is not possible to log in remotely to the Citymesh Beam again.

Can I use the Playstation Network?

Only Citymesh Beam users can use the Playstation Network. However, they must first log in via a smartphone, Tablet or Laptop on the private WiFi network in order to open up their Internet access. Then you can connect the Playstation with a cable. Attention, after recent updates on the Playstation Network, we no longer support voice.

Can I view Netflix via Citymesh?

It is possible to stream Netlfix from the Citymesh network. Keep in mind the available bandwidth of your connection. Streaming is best done in 720p instead of 1080p or 4K. This way you avoid endless buffering.

I'm connected to the network, but I can't see a portal page.

In some rare cases, users will not be able to see the Citymesh portal page automatically. Then surf to any random website and you will be redirected immediately.

I don't get to see any networks, what's going wrong?

If you don't see any WiFi networks in the overview, there is a very good chance that the WiFi switch on your device is switched off. It is also possible that the airplane mode has been switched on accidentally.

How can I log out of the Citymesh network?

Users can easily log out by surfing to You will then see a message that the page cannot be displayed correctly. Then you have successfully logged out.

How many devices can I connect to the Citymesh network?

Here you have to make a distinction between the Citymesh Hotspot users and the Citymesh Beam users:

  • Hotspot users: 2 simultaneous devices per code
  • Beam users: 4 simultaneous devices per code

How does the Citymesh Hotspot work?

At some locations on the domain, your device can receive the network "Hotspot Citymesh". You can immediately connect to this network, but you will be redirected to the Citymesh portal page. Here you can enter the reload code you bought at the campsite reception or you can buy the ticket online.

How does the Citymesh Beam work?

The Citymesh Beam brings the WiFi signal to your home. It is important that you align the white part with our antennas, which are often located in a central location. The more lights that light up, the better the reception.

Then look up the sticker with 'SSID' & 'Key' on the black adapter. These are the data from your private WiFi network. When you are connected to this, when you try to surf the internet, you will first see the portal page of Citymesh. Here you can enter the code you have purchased or pay directly online.


You can't find your question in the list? Do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk:

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