Overview of Citymesh prepaid prices

Citymesh only works with prepaid rates so not with complicated subscriptions. In this way we give each user the necessary flexibility to plan his or her own internet needs and this completely according to budget. Our prices are reviewed and adjusted where necessary.

With the rate formulas, you can still make a small difference. The top-up codes with a duration in minutes and hours, can be spread out over the period next to it. All you have to do is surf to and you will be logged out immediately. Later you can use up the remaining time. The tickets that are valid from the first login are valid non-stop.


Promo Hotspot - 1 hour€ 1
1 day€ 6
Midweek - weekend

€ 15

1 week€ 20
1 month€ 35
6 months€ 149
8 months€ 169
Citymesh Loco Pro€ 99