Camping WiFi

Wireless internet on the campsite

WiFi on the campsite has become a basic need for the visitor. As an operator, you can't ignore the need to provide a well-functioning WiFi network on your domain. It is no longer enough to provide just a few hotspots at a few key locations, as the visitor expects WiFi at his or her location and not only at the reception or in the cafeteria.


The most famous type of WiFi network in campsites & holiday parks, is the camping hotspot. The great advantage of this type of network design is that users can connect directly to their own device on the network, just like they do at home.

However, if you want to provide a whole domain with WiFi coverage, you will have to deal with many challenges. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the penetration into the visitor's home. With tents, this is not so much a problem, but with caravans, mobile homes or houses that are very well insulated, there is the Faraday cage, the WiFi signals are reflected and do not get to the user. In order to guarantee a sufficiently strong reception, several hotspots must be provided. This will entail a lot of extra costs.


In order to be able to offer a solution, Citymesh has developed a system that works with a WiFi amplifier, namely the Citymesh Beam. The Citymesh Beam (formerly LocoMAX) is an auxiliary antenna that picks up the WiFi signal and amplifies it via its own private local WiFi network. The number of transmitters that need to be placed on the domain for this system is therefore much lower.

Ideally, a combined system should be placed on the domain. A network with hotspots is very interesting for temporary residents or passers-by. The permanent residents benefit more from the system of the WiFi amplifier.